My Story

I am an Agency Manager with more than 20 years solid experience in Personal Financial Planning & SMEs Biz Solutions Planning. I had many opportunities to work along and assist individuals and corporate clients. I realised that most of my clients treat me more as a friend instead of an advisor. They trust and share their stories with me, which really makes me enjoy this as a lifetime career.

My Services

I may assist you run through you very own financial figures & goals.You may call it as Financial Check-Up.


>> Diagnose

Assist you diagnose your current financial status. Do you on the right path towards your ultimate goals?


>> Objective

Where & What would you like to accomplish in the future. How much does that cost? Am I financially prepare for that?


>> Method

Assist you to Protect & Grow your Wealth via various financial tools.


>> Evaluate

Evaluate & modify from time to time over the journey.



My Achievements


  • Yap - Project Manager

    It's a good tools that gave you a visual view on when could your known upcoming big expenses impact your financial situation and allow you to pre-planned it.

  • Loke Chee Beng - Production Test Engineer

    -Most Beneficial: Overall view for my financial situation based on different scenario

    -Reasonable expectation for my goals

    -More visualize planning with more realistic assumption

    -Able to maximize my coverage with existing cash flow

    -Yes, but only recommend to someone who is looking for similar service


  • Samantha - Director

    I am glad that I have met such passionate, knowledgeable and professional Financial excellence and vast experience sets him apart from others. I would highly recommend Wan Siong to anyone who aims to achieve better financial management. Thanks.

  • David Teo - Project Manager

    Very good and clear for me to understand my financial status. I will recommend if I meet any friend that suitable for this.

  • Jessie - Assistant Sales Manager

    Very good in analysis and provide good financial planning.

  • Lee Yong Chia - Operation Manager

    The financial planning parts is useful and beneficial. It leads me to have a better idea to achieve financial independent in term of time and effort.

  • Kathryn Wong - Teacher

    Thank you Wan Siong for your detailed presentation. The analysis by your open my mind and the scenario run through is very pragmatic. Thanks again for your kind sharing and is a pleasant meeting.

  • Lim Khoon Yong - Programmer

    This sharing let me understand that my financial saving and investment should be separated.

    And, also better plan for retirement.

  • Anne Seow - No

    I have bought medical insurance from Chong Wan Siong more than 10 years as back up in the event I quit my Corporate job and I would still have personal medical insurance coverage which was a small insured amount for critical illnesses/ medical at that period of them.

    I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer years ago and subsequent breast and liver cancer in recent year, the 1st person I contacted was Chong for his medical insurance assistance. As always he is very responsive, professional.

    And, also better plan for retirement.

  • Lim HC - Project Manager

    After the session, I can understand better on my current and future financial status with/without insurance policy. What difference from others is it reflects on actual scenario based on my current income/ expenses and it maps out all posibilities.

    Thanks a lot for your assistance to make my family future life more secure.


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    Hunting Line        : 012-219 2923

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