My Story

I am Life Planner with experience of more than 2 years in Personal Financial Planning industry. I conduct my financial planning services by analysing clients’ financial status and then giving professional advices which are suitable for them. Through these planning, I can assist my clients in taking out their worries and risks, having proper planning at every stage of life, and achieving their financial goals. Servicing is always my first priority so that I can ensure that my clients can reach me easily, especially when they need my assistance.

My Services

I may assist you run through you very own financial figures & goals.You may call it as Financial Check-Up.


>> Diagnose

Assist you diagnose your current financial status. Do you on the right path towards your ultimate goals?


>> Objective

Where & What would you like to accomplish in the future. How much does that cost? Am I financially prepare for that?


>> Method

Assist you to Protect & Grow your Wealth via various financial tools.


>> Evaluate

Evaluate & modify from time to time over the journey.




  • Maple- Teacher

    Dealing with Emily as a life planner is a breeze and smooth process. She would request for your information so that she can update the summary of all the policy that you have for you. This is great because she made it so details, but not just simply do it.

    Whenever she isn’t sure about any question that I ask about my policy (from other insurance company), she will make sure that she get back to you after she clarifies.

    Having to have a detail policy summary to show you. She knows how to help you to fill in the gap and solve the problem by buying the right policy. Also when she presents any new policy to you, she would customize her slides to cater to you, both the actions has given me a clear ideas about my policy, the field to strengthen own and how much to buy if I need to one.

    In summary
    1. She does a detailed policy summary that give you a clear idea about your policy
    2. A customized presentation slide for you when she presents any new policy which really solve your need.

    Engage her and solve your problem now!

  • Chien Hyeen - Admin Assistant

    Emily makes me more understand on my financial planning at this stage of life. Throughout the sharing session, she gave me professional advices and what I can do for the next. She is friendly, helpful and responsible planner who helps me a lot. Strongly recommend her as life planner!!

  • Wei Xuan - Admin

    Emily is a responsible, friendly and professional life planner who is worth to be trusted. When engaging with Emily, she did a financial check-up with me first, and then she made me understood my financial status and what risks that I currently faced. Emily would then give solutions based on my situation and explain the whole things in detailed manner.

    When comes to the time of making my decision, she assisted me to have a better comparison between all the plans and also assisted me in choosing the better plan which is suitable for me. Through her sharing, I understood how the plan mitigates my risks and worries.

    I recommend her as she will assist you to take out your worries and do a customised planning based on your situation.


    Contact Me

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    Hunting Line        : 012-219 2923

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