My Story

I am a Sales manager with more than 5 years of experience in the life planning industry. Being in this role, I have the opportunity to get connected with people from various background and field, whom i know and also strangers. Through the connection, I have successfully helped hundreds of families to plan and divert their financial risk.

Initially, we were strangers and we got closer from time to time and our relationship has become friend as the trust are being built. This has enlighten me a lot and hence I would love see this career as my lifetime career.

My Services


Different people have different financial situation. My first step is always helping my clients to understand their financial situation and needs.



When you have money, you have the risk to lose it. You may also have some thought of what to do with the money. The second step is always helping my clients to identify their possible financial risk. Apart from the risks, there may be some financial goal that you would like to acieve and I will also help clients to identify the financial goal to achieve.



Once all information is gather, we will come to the next step – what should we do. In this stage, I will recommend to my clients on what we should do via the financial tools that are available and legally in terms of law of Malaysia



Bachelor of Science (Hons), UTAR


More than 5 years experience in life planning industry

Numerous life insurance related topics for sharing / presentation

My Achievements

Leo Awards

Supremacy Experience Summit

Supremacy Summit Awards


  • Jensen Khoo

    Khai Shen is my uni classmate, we knew each other since year 2006. One day in year 2015, he told me that he has started a new career, and hope I can understand his idea for what insurance protection is, and at the end I became his 1st customer.


    He is a very responsible and committed insurance agent who always put his customers' priority in number 1 place.


    He cares really much about his customer, always giving them 100% support when we need his help.


    I would strongly recommend him, the only insurance agent, now and in my future.

  • PDS

    Finally! I found an insurance agent who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and always puts customer's interest first in mind. Will definitely recommend Khai Shen for any insurance consultant and service

  • Y

    I was introduced to Khai Shen from my wife. He is indeed the most straight forward and easy to deal with agent with good knowledge with his products. When I had financial difficulties due to business, he was able to assist me to restructure the payments.


    Excellent service!

  • Stephinie

    After working for a year back in 2017, I decided to get insurance for myself but I wasn't sure where to start. And there's when my brother introduced Khai shen to me.


    As I only have little knowledge about insurance, Khai Shen patiently explained the policies ans was able to make excellent recommendations.


    I'm very satisfied with Khai Shen's service, would strongly recommend him to my friends. 

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    Office Number     : 03-4149 8292

    Hunting Line        : 012-219 2923

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