My Story

My passion is in the servicing line. I like to service people and put a smile on everyone face. With financial planning, not only can I service them but I will still be able to help and give professional advice to my clients in their planning. Seeing them one step closer in achieving their financial goals motivates me too. Reaching 1 year in this industry, most of my clients treat me like their friend and share their goals and dreams with me and I will do my very best in helping them to achieve their financial goals.

My Services

I may assist you run through you very own financial figures & goals.You may call it as Financial Check-Up.


>> Diagnose

Assist you diagnose your current financial status. Do you on the right path towards your ultimate goals?


>> Objective

Where & What would you like to accomplish in the future. How much does that cost? Am I financially prepare for that?


>> Method

Assist you to Protect & Grow your Wealth via various financial tools.


>> Evaluate

Evaluate & modify from time to time over the journey.



My Achievements


  • Kai Liang

    "The way he approached, sympathetically and patiently is where our story begins."

    Back in 2021, I remembered we had a casual talk via Google Meet. He took the opportunity to assess my existing status, to reinforce his understanding towards me as person, my needs and the awareness of my future planning. He did it professionally, and I could tell he kept his mind to always respect and be a genuine listener, to what I have to say, even though my words could be contrary to his perception.

    I voiced my body conditions, it is believed that he proposed the ideal insurance plan that would cover financially as if my condition worsened. He elaborated the details of the plan in-person, right at my house, we had a great time understanding each other and this it. One year later, we still kept in touch, we texted each other sometimes, and I texted him up if I had any question regarding the plan I bought. He had no issues guiding me step-by-step, making sure my questions were solved, instead of denying my message. That marked an impression of accountability.

    To Way Yet's future client, be open and bold to speak up your concerns, and he will find his ways to resolve your concerns.

  • Joellene



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