My Story

I have been aware of financial planning since 2018 and have engaged in this industry since 2021. I am passionate about this industry because financial planning will help everyone to get a better life. I wish to utilise my knowledge to help everyone I know plan their finances. My clients love to talk to me like a friend. I am excited to meet and become friends with many people I have never met and link more people with their dreams.

My Services

I may assist you run through you very own financial figures & goals. You may call it as Financial Check-Up.

> Diagnoses
Assist you diagnose your current financial status. Do you on the right path towards your ultimate goals?


> Objective
Where & What would you like to accomplish in the future. How much does that cost? Am I financially prepare for it?


Assist you to protect & grow your wealth via various financial tools.



My Achievements


  • Meri - Businessmen


  • Fan Ching - Mechanic

    I am known Wong Chuan since secondary school. He is very diligent because he approached me several times, and I refused him, but finally, I was impressed by his enthusiasm and agreed to meet with him. He is also a responsible person who explained the policy in detail and answered my questions attentively. He also did a great job in terms of service, and when any problems arose, he kept me informed and helped me solve them. I believe Wong Chuan will be successful in this industry.

    Contact Me

    Office Number     : 03-4149 8292

    Hunting Line        : 012-219 2923

    Email Address     :